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Friday - 9:15am - 11:15am

Additional sessions can be held by arrangement.


$35 Playgroup WA Membership Fee (covers insurance)

Concession rates are available 


  • One on one time exploring our vast range of Montessori-inspired resources

  • Painting, craft, reading and play dough 

  • Access to nature playground

  • Morning tea together where children can participate in food preparation and clean up

  • Dance and song time


When you're in a Montessori environment, you may notice a few things that are a little different from other playgroup environments.


This is how a typical session is run:

  1. Prepare the room for the session

  2. Carer/child activity time

  3. Morning tea

  4. Pack away morning tea

  5. Music and goodbye time

How to make the most of each session:
  • Try to arrive at the specific start time to ensure that the workload of setting up is shared by all members.

  • Activities are set around key themes, and whilst activities may look just like unusual toys to you, Montessori parents call them 'jobs'. Your child will choose a job and bring it to the table or mat on the floor to do with you.

  • The Montessori Method has a great focus on visual learning and as a Montessori parent or carer, we demonstrate how best the job is performed. Your child waits until you are finished  and then it is their turn.

  • Our children learn by exploring so try to not interrupt when they are doing a job. They explore the job until they are finished, then they take it back to where it came from on the shelf. 

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